Hadoop World: Accel’s $100M Big Data fund

November 9, 2011

Yesterday Hadoop World kicked off here in New York city.  As part of the opening keynotes, Ping Li of Accel Partners got on stage and announced that they are opening a $100 million dollar fund focusing on big data.  If you’re not familiar with Accel, they are the venture capital firm that have invested in such hot companies as Facebook, Cloudera, Couchbase, Groupon and Fusion IO.

I grabbed some time with Ping at the end of the sessions yesterday to learn more about their fund:

Some of the ground Ping covers:

  • What areas within the data world the fund will focus on.
  • Who are some of the current players within their portfolio that fall into the big data space.
  • What trends Ping’s seeing within the field of Big Data.
  • How to engage with Accel and why it would make sense to work with them.

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…


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