Opening Keynote – DevOps Days Austin

May 21, 2015

A couple of weeks ago I attended the fourth annual DevOps Days Austin.   The event was extremely well organize and had a great line up of speakers.  As always I brought along my trusty flipcam (cause I’m old school) and recorded a handful of interviews.  The first in this series features Damon Edwards of DTO solutions, one of the early pioneers of DevOps.

In this video Damon discusses his keynote and thoughts around DevOps in general (you can check out his slides below)

Some of the ground Damon covers

  • How he got into DevOps consulting and how Devops came to be.
  • Applying DevOps to large enterprises and the importance of visibility.
  • How financial services are particularly keen to dive in as well as interest from pharma, manufacturing, gaming etc.

Damon’s Slides

Interviews on tap:

  • Cameron Haight – Gartner
  • Michael Cote – Pivotal
  • John Willis – Docker
  • Paul Read – Release Engineering Approaches

Pau for now…

DevOpsDays Austin kicks off, A short history

April 3, 2012

Yesterday, DevOpsDays Austin kicked off at National Instruments.  If you’re not familiar with DevOps, its the idea of using people, processes and tools to break down the wall that traditionally exists between developers and operations with the idea of removing friction and increasing velocity to better support and drive the business.

The Austin event was maxed out the day after it was announced a couple months ago and there was a waiting list of over one hundred people.   About half the crowd was from out of town with a big contingent from the Valley and New York.   Near the end of the day yesterday I caught up with one of the organizers, Damon Edwards to learn more about the event and how it came to be.

Some of the ground Damon covers:

  • How “DevOps” and DevOps Days came to be: How John Allspaw‘s talk at Velocity to Patrick Debois to set up the first event
  • 3:36:  How the event has transformed over time:  from a focus on people to a focus on tools and now back to a focus on people
  • 4:56  Who attends DevOps Days and how the mix between developers and operations folks has shifted over time.

Extra-credit reading

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