Hadoop Summit: Looking at the evolving ecosystem with Ken Krugler

July 13, 2011

Here is the final entry in my interview series from the Hadoop Summit.

The night before the summit, I was impressed when I heard Ken Krugler speak at the BigDataCamp unconference.  Turns out Ken has been a part of the Hadoop scene even before there was a Hadoop, his 2005 start-up Krugle utilized Nutch which split and evolved into Hadoop.  He now runs a Hadoop consulting practice, Bixo labs, and offers training.

I ran into Ken the next day at the summit and sat down with him to get his thoughts on Hadoop and the ecosystem around it.

Some of the ground Ken covers

  • How he first began using Hadoop many moons ago
  • (0:53)  How Hadoop has crossed the chasm over the last half decade
  • (1:53)  The classes he teaches, one very technical and the other an intro class
  • (2:23)  What the heck is Hadoop anyway?
  • (3:30)  What trends Ken has seen recently in the Hadoop world (the rise of  the fat node)

Extra-credit reading

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Hadoop Summit: Chatting with Cloudera’s VP of Product

July 11, 2011

The next in my series of videos from the Hadoop Summit features Cloudera‘s Vice President of product, Charles Zedlewski.  If you’re not familiar with Cloudera you can think of them as the Red Hat of Hadoop world.

I sat down with Charles to learn more about Cloudera, what they do and where they came from.

Some of the ground Charles covers:

  • Cloudera’s founding, what its original goals and vision were and where its founders came from.
  • (1:35) What Cloudera does for customers 1) packages Hadoop and 2) helps them run it in production environments.
  • (3:27)  What channels Cloudera leverages and where they play in the ecosystem
  • (4:11)  Charles’ thoughts on the Yahoo spin-out Hortonworks and how it might affect Cloudera.

Extra-credit reading

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Hadoop Summit: Talking to the CEO of MapR

July 10, 2011

I’m now back from vacation and am continuing with my series of videos from the Hadoop Summit.  The one-day summit, which was very well attended, was held in Santa Clara the last week of June.  One of the two Platinum sponsors was MapR technologies.  MapR are particulaly interesting since they have taken a different approach to productizing Hadoop than the current leader Cloudera.

I got some time with their CEO and co-founder John Schroeder to learn more about MapR:

Some of the ground John covers

  • The announcements they made at the event
  • (0:16) How John got the idea to start MapR: what tech trends he was seeing and what customer problems was he learning about.
  • (1:43) How MapR’s approach to Hadoop differs from Cloudera (and Hortonworks)
  • (3:49) How the Hadoop community is growing, both with regards to Apache and the commercial entities that are developing, and the importance of this growth.

Extra-credit reading

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Hadoop Summit: Talking to the CEO of Hortonworks

June 30, 2011

Yesterday I attended the Hadoop Summit down in Santa Clara.  The one-day event featured a morning of general sessions followed by three tracks of break outs in the afternoon.  The event also featured displays by several dozen vendors.

The big topic of the day was Hortonworks, a Yahoo! spin-out that had been announced the day before.  The company, which will officially come into being next month will be made up of 25 core Hadoop engineers from Yahoo!  Leading this new venture as its CEO is Yahoo! veteran and until this week VP of Hadoop engineering, Eric Baldeschwieler.

In the afternoon I was able to get some time with Eric and learn more about his new gig.

Some of the ground Eric covers

  • What is Hortonworks and what are its goals?
  • (0:46) Who is the technical team that will be making up the new venture
  • (1:48) Their president Rob Bearden, his open source experience and the business expertise he brings
  • (2:24) Their customers
  • (2:44) Which Hadoop engineers will remain at Yahoo!
  • (3:37) The symbiotic relationship Hortonworks and Yahoo! will have and how they will help one another

Extra-credit reading

  • Press release:  Yahoo! and Benchmark Capital to Form Hortonworks to Increase Investment in Hadoop Technology and Accelerate Innovation and Adoption
  • Hortonworks slide deck from Eric’s Hadoop summit keynote


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