Mark Shuttleworth on UEC and OpenStack

January 11, 2011

Mark Shuttleworth, the ever gracious founder of Ubuntu, stopped by Dell this morning to talk to various folks about various subjects.   I was able to grab some time with him between meetings and get his thoughts on a few topics.

I was particularly interested in getting his thoughts on Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC) which will be available this week from Dell as the Dell | Canonical UEC Solution (along with the UEC software, the solution is based on our PowerEdge C2100 and C6100 and comes with a reference architecture and deployment guide).   The other topic I wanted to get his insight into was OpenStack.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

What Mark talked about

  • How Mark has settled into his role as non-CEO (he is still chairman).
  • What he is focusing on these days: the cloud and product design e.g. Unity.
  • [1:45] The thinking behind UEC and the combined Dell Canonical offering.
  • [3:45] OpenStack and Canonical’s participation
  • Working with both OpenStack and Eucalyptus and how both of these are central to the process of standardization that we are starting to see at the infrastructure layer of cloud computing.

Extra-credit reading:

Pau for now…

JetBlue’s Social Media Strategy

June 30, 2009

Last week at the Enterprise 2.0 conference I sat in on an interesting session entitled “Does Social Media and Marketing Mater?”  The moderator was Peter Kim of the Dachis Corporation and the panelists were Greg Matthews of Humana,  Ben Foster of Allstate insurance and Morgan Johnston of jetBlue.  Each of the panelist discussed how they were using social media at their firms.

After the panel I grabbed Morgan from JetBlue and did a short video.  I’ve broken the interview in two, the first part talks about JetBlue’s social media strategy and how its working and the second part addresses the tools and channels that they use.

Check it out…

Part 1: How and Why does JetBlue use Social Media?

Some of the topics Morgan tackles:

  • Started the social media engagement back in ’07.
  • The four reasons JetBlue uses Social media: 1) monitoring, 2) engaging, 3) informing and 4) humanizing.
  • Social media can serve as “a canary in a coal mine.”
  • The importance of vetting and confirming information before reacting.
  • FYI if you want to sneak a folding bike on a plane you no longer need to claim its art or bike parts.

Part 2: What tools, technology and channels does Jet Blue use?

Some of the topics Morgan tackles:

  • When engaging with customers and communities its important to remember that you are a guest of that community and dont try to bull your way in.
  • They have a Flickr channel which is populated by crew members and helps to humanize the brand.
  • JetBlue has a YouTube channel where they feature videos generated by JetBlue
  • Twitter is their biggest channel (@JetBlue).  When I did the interview last week they had 730,000 followers, today they are at 780,000.  This is a great way to monitor customer feedback and disseminate information.
  • Morgan is looking forward to seeing how people adapt and evolve existing tools to fit their own needs.

Pau for now…


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