OSCON: Neil Levine of Inktank, sponsor of Ceph

August 12, 2013

The next in my series of interviews from last month’s OSCON features the ever affable Neil Levine of Inktank.   Neil, who has been with the company nearly a year, heads up product management and we talked about Ceph, the company and where its going.

Warning:  I used Youtube’s feature that is supposed to fix shaking and the result gives the video a hallucinogenic feel (Timothy Leary would approve).

Some of the ground that Neil covers:

  • Inktank as the primary sponsor of Ceph, a scale-out open source software defined storage solution
  • Other similar solutions
  • Selling to cloud devops teams rather than traditional storage teams
  • What’s next?  tiering, deeper integration with OpenStack, pushing out more APIs to build up their dev community etc.

Extra-credit reading/viewing:

  • Press Release:  University of Hawaii at Manoa Deploys Ceph Storage With OpenStack
  • OSCON 2013 – My video playlist: Enstratius, Dasein, Citrix, Mark Hinkle’s keynote, Apigee, Inktank, OpenShift, AppDynamics and Puppet

Pau for now….

Talking to Nodeable CEO Dave Rosenberg (think Twitter for machines)

October 26, 2011

Yesterday I was out in the bay area to help moderate a Hackeratti shindig on Sand Hill road.  One of my fellow moderators was Dave Rosenberg former CEO and founder of MuleSoft.   Dave who is also an active contributor to cnet has recently started a new endeavor, Nodeable.  This new venture, which Stephen O’Grady of Redmonk called “twitter for machines” also features former Canonical VP of corporate services, Neil Levine.

Before we began our moderating duties, I sat down with Dave to learn a little more about his cool new venture.

Some of the ground Dave covers:

  • Just what is Nodeable
  • (0:40) The rise of the cloud developer and the profile of the developer that Nodeable is targeted at.
  • (2:10) Kicking off  their private beta and heading to a public beta in Q4
  • (2:48) What part of Nodeable is open source and which part is the secret sauce
  • (3:26) Nodeable’s architecture and the languages its written in
  • (4:00) Where does Dave hope to see Nodeable a year from now

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…

Ubuntu, the Cloud and the Future — Neil Levine

July 27, 2010

After the cloud summit last week at OSCON, I sat down with Neil Levine of Canonical to see what was in store for Ubuntu cloud-wise (Canonical is a partner of ours in our cloud ISV program).  Neil is the VP of Canonical’s corporate services division which handles their cloud and server products.

Here’s what Neil had to say:

Some of the topics Neil tackles:

  • The next Ubuntu release “Maverick Meerkat” and its geek-a-licious launch date: 10.10.10.
  • Look for Maverick to make Eucalyptus even easier to deploy and use.
  • Data processing and data analytics is one of the key use cases in the cloud and Canonical is looking to move up the stack and provide deep integration for other apps like Hadoop and NoSQL.
  • What are some of the areas of focus for next year’s two releases i.e. 11.04 and 11.10.
  • Project ensemble: what it is and what its goals are.

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…


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