Mark Shuttleworth part one: UbuntuTV

January 13, 2012

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu Linux and Chairman of Canonical the commercial distribution behind Ubuntu, stopped by Dell for a bunch of meetings this morning.  Mark was visiting Austin on his way back from CES in Las Vegas where he and the team just unveiled Ubuntu TV.

I was able to grab a few minutes with Mark between meetings and get his thoughts on a bunch of topics.  Here is the first of two videos we did.  You’ll notice that this one ends a bit abruptly, that’s because we got booted out of the conference room we were squatting in.  You’ll also notice when I post the second video that we found a much better location for round two.

Some of the ground Mark covers

  • How was CES and how was Ubuntu TV received?
  • What is the secret sauce behind Ubuntu TV and how is it different than Google TV
  • What is Ubuntu One and how is it different than Apples iCloud or Microsoft’s skydrive?
  • What is Unity an how it ties together the client experience together across devices.

Extra-credit reading

Pau for now…


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